Wind City Airport

by Nature's Neighbor

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released January 29, 2020

"Nature’s Neighbor has a knack for evoking emotion. The musical project of Chicago multi-instrumentalist Mike Walker, does not shy away from much; both lyrically and musically. Nature’s Neighbor is more than just someone making music, it’s a friend— offering a lend shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen."

- Phluff

"Wind City Airport is one of the most straightforward and uninhibited releases of [Walker's] career, employing shuffling Americana and plaintive arrangements of guitar and piano to evoke the driftless feeling of being trapped at the airport."

- The Alternative

"Thoughtful indie rock buoyed by luxe arrangements that never feel too slick or too overwhelming. Elegantly produced and intimate as always."

- Bandcamp


All songs written & performed by Nature's Neighbor

** Except for 'Fullerton' which was written by Daniel Lee **


Mike Walker - piano, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica, organ, Rhodes, bass, melodica, vocals, lyrics

Seth Engel - bass, drums, bongos, guitar, auxiliary percussion

Daniel Lee - guitar, vibraphone, vocals, lyrics

Beau Reddington - lyrics

Alex Moore - handclaps

Russell Harrison - violin

Perry Cowdery - guitar

Terrill mast - piano

** Bass part for 'Fullerton' originally written by Mike Nardone **


Recorded @ Pallet Sound by Seth Engel @ home by Mike Walker

** Except for 'Terminal 2' which was recorded by Terrill Mast **

Album artwork by Cheer Zhao & Mike Walker

Mixed by Seth Engel @ Pallet Sound

** Except for 'Others' which was mixed by Mike Walker **

Mastered by Michael Mac @ Pallet Sound


After finishing and releasing ‘Ur’ I knew that I wanted to do one more album at Pallet Sound. I had fallen in love with the studio while making the last album and thought it would be a good idea to start a new project with Seth in that same spot with essentially the same equipment. But I also knew that if we were to record another album in the same style as ‘Ur’ I would probably lose my mind. So I just went back to writing simpler songs on guitar and piano.

In the beginning of 2019 Cheer and I flew to Nanchang where we stayed with the family for about a month to celebrate the Chinese New Year. One day during our stay I wrote the opening track ‘Counting the Minutes’ on our family’s upright piano. Upon returning from China I was feeling very inspired & new songs were coming very quickly. So I booked studio time and kept writing. We worked on it for almost the entire year until finally finishing it in November.

This album is for anyone who is stuck in an airport / airplane with a good pair of headphones and a lot of time to kill. We may be delayed for now but I know that someday soon we will all reach our destination. Fly safe.


'Wind City Airport' is dedicated to Kay Benson ( 1939 - 2019 )



all rights reserved



Nature's Neighbor Chicago, Illinois

Nature's Neighbor is the project of song-writer Mike Walker.

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Track Name: Counting the Minutes
seeing my love wield such a heavy club
and i'm alive again, high again
i'm counting the minutes til we all are finished
with our lives again, by my friend
i'm high again
high again..

seeing my dreams working heavy machines
and it's not right again to be high again
i'm taking my cues from places i've been to
and its alright again, hi again
i'm high again
high again..
Track Name: By the Lake
back home in the West
i had tried my best
keeping it together a little better than before

we moved on from there
with a sudden stare
i barely even remember the pain

and even if those dreams were real
they'd drift away in a minute
and even if my life was forfeit
i'd forget

sitting by the lake
this must be the place
remember when you wrapped your arms and legs around my waist?

you cried through your sweater
but now you're doing better
you barely even remember my name

and even if those dreams were real
they'd drift away in a minute
and even if it all was for not
you forgot
Track Name: January Again
well i was walking by the turbines
by the time i made the sunrise
it was setting in another part of town
and then i missed out

it aint easy teasing me with the question
of how we all got here..

and all my dreams were disconnected
every frame completely separate
when i try to tell you now i know it makes no sense

no it aint easy seizing these little chances
when everything seems clear

January, hello again
you seem just like my distant friends
i saw you last year
one time so cold
another sign i'm getting old

and all my friends were sitting talking
all their phones were all turned off
all telling stories 'bout the old days
when our eyes were beaming gold rays

it aint easy pleasing me with the idea
that we're now spread so thin

but then i woke up in a train yard
with the windows glowing yellow
on the cold wet dirty pavement
my knees and hands were shaking

cause it aint easy being these other people
that we see out on the street

January right behind me
it seems just like my past lives dreams
i see them still, on silver screens
the greatest films i've ever seen

dream on your own time
thats fine
Track Name: Passenger in Me
nothing's wrong
somethings right under the surface

walking out on the night
just like i'm lurking

feel the love, feel the light
i guess it's working

tell me whats on your mind
if you've been hurting

tell me whats going on
what you been thinking?

do you feel
that your heart is slowly sinking?

cast a line out to sea
then sink those hooks in

you were smiling at me
i caught you looking

at my reflection
just a bit of introspection
for that classic passive passenger in me

doing laps 'round the moon
to pass the night by

everyone that you love
gone waving bye-bye

things you cannot control
man it's not worth it

letting them spill your blood
there's just no purpose

for this to linger
just a second more
between us there's an obstacle impossible for me
Track Name: Fullerton (ft. You Folk)
all on board
(we got a story going somewhere..)
we don't give a damn
(cause thats's just how we do it here)

what would you say?
yeah, what would i say?

glance to the left
and then to the right
before you make up your mind

would it really be so bad?
would it really be so bad?

i've got a pocket of gold
and more where it came from
but nobody to share it with

i've got a pocket of gold
but nobody's around
or down

Track Name: Secret Songs / Grey Skies
the darkest mind
the greyest sky i've ever seen

no sun today
not much to say about anything

the gravel scrapes
the raindrops taste like memories

my bones they creak
the floorboards squeak out melodies

this golden age of dreaming is almost done
and i've known it all along
it was on the wall..

the sound of wind
meandering through cracks in glass

the windows cry
for someone's eyes to cast a glance

this golden age of dreaming is almost done
and i've known it all along

those secret songs
they'll all be forgot

they'll all be forgot

but since i talked to you
you showed me theres another view

and i realize its not my time
i hide a knife behind these eyes..
Track Name: Time Traveler's Folk Blues
it's alright if you can't take time
time moves steady, it'll be there tomorrow

time is a shapeshifter in my mind
i've taken more than I should borrow right now

running my fingers through your long black hair
time is a ghost in moments when you are around

but i know it'll come right back
ignoring it is the only way to kill it
but then

it rears its head
it was only hiding
it isn't dead
its never dying

washed up to shore like the long lost tide
the wind carries me like a babe to your doorstep

thank the great sprit in the sky that i
didn't take time to ask where i was going
and then

you show your face
you were only hiding
i missed this taste
you were so inviting
you need some space
to find some light
inside a place
where time is dying
Track Name: Those Wedding Bells
little words spoken quietly
never stand test of time

little things you do silently
resting easy on my mind..

little boy, you think you're a man
well, have you carried the weight?

of the one who loves you everyday
through the darkness and the rain

she believed that you..
said you always stay
if you never meant it
then why did you say?

little boy, learn from your father now
bring home bread, learn from mistakes

little child, look at your mother now
see the light gone from her face

she believed that you..
said you always stay
if you never meant it
then why did you say?
Track Name: Others
some have come from distant places
forced away from their homeland
looking for a brighter future
asked for nothing but a new home

some have lived a life a torment
cast aside form those the loved
felt no shelter, no sign of comfort
left to wander this Earth alone

some have felt the sunlight shining
all their life been free from pain
but they feel their grand ship sinking
round the corner they know what waits

some have done great wrong to others
so unable to give love
lost and angry they go on screaming
til their time on earth is up

all these others they are my brothers
no matter where on earth they're from
they deserve seats at the table
we're a family and we are one